How Well Do You Know Fallout?


We can’t hide it, our office has been buzzing with conversation about Fallout 4 and how excited we are for the new release.  Can you believe that the last Fallout game was released in 2010?  It has been a long time waiting and now less than two weeks until many of us Geek Fuel-ers will be glued to our game counsels after work.

What are you most excited for?  Scouting with your companion?  Accomplishing as many achievements as possible?  Or killing off some of the best designed creatures in game play?  No matter what, we are super stoked to get our building, exploring, looting, and hunting on.

To help pass the time until we are glued to our controllers, we created a a quiz to test your Fallout knowledge. So tell us, how well do you know Fallout? Don’t forget to enter your email at the end of the quiz to be automatically entered to win a Fallout box!!

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