If April showers bring May flowers, then these geeky garden ideas are perfectly timed to get your plot in tip-top shape for the impending spring blooms. Whether you’ve got some pretty pots on the deck of your apartment or acres of land to do with whatever you please, there is something for everyone in this list!

super-mario-brick-planter-box-640x533Super Mario Planter Box
Sometimes things grow right out of the question marks just by punching them. Other times, you have to plant some seeds and sow them with love. Either way, they’ll look great in this long planter box.



Fairytale TreehouseFairytale Treehouse
Always wanted your own fairytale treehouse? Monster City Studios knows how to do it right. Sure, it may cost as much as an addition to the house, but that’s basically what it is, just way cooler.


1bff_at_at_lawn_ornament_grassAT-AT Lawn Ornament
If you’ve ever had a massive garden fail, like most novice green thumbs have, it can feel like you just went face-first into an ice planet – cold, embarrassing, and unforgiving. Celebrate your success and mock your failures with the AT-AT lawn ornament.



Spooky Living Treeilvj_spooky_living_tree_env
Get the trees in on the fun with this creepy face-and-arms combo, perfect for scaring the bejesus out of passersby. With easy-to-install tabs and a lightweight plastic body, these are so easy to use, you might have to make a forest.



iprt_st_borg_mood_lightStar Trek Borg Light Cube
Colonize your patio, yard, or porch with this battery-operated, color-changing Borg cube light. It has 16 different settings to set the mood, and can hold up to 190 lbs., so it doubles as a place to sit and admire all you’ve accomplished.

What geeky garden ideas have you got on tap this spring? Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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