Cartoon Moms we Love

There are all kinds of mothers in this world – the sweet and charming ones, the stern and serious ones, the ones who are mothers to a family of animals, and everything in between. To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, we’re showcasing a few of our favorite moms, bringing the tradition of cuddling up on the couch to watch cartoons together with an appreciation for all the things these amazing women have done for us.


Marge SimpsonElastigirl Marge SimpsonMarge Simpson

How could we start anywhere else? With one kid who is constantly finding mischief, one whose life goal includes being a jazz musician, and one that is always in diapers, Marge has her hands full. And that doesn’t even begin to cover how much she has to deal with from Homer… Her blue hair and boss attitude put her at the top of our list.



Linda BelcherLinda Belcher

Sure, Gene, Tina, and Louise are more run-of-the-mill kids whose misadventures take them on epic journeys of the imagination, but that doesn’t mean Linda doesn’t worry about them. She is the epitome of a modern mom, co-owning a business with her hubby and balancing the act that is a family of five, singing life’s praise at the top of her lungs the whole time.



Every mom should get an award for being a superhero, but Elastimom walks the walk and talks the talk that has earned her the title. In between taking care of three crime-fighting kids, she does much of the same AND keeps the house together. And if that isn’t enough, she’s even had to save her own husband from certain doom, keeping the fighting family together.


Lois GriffinLois Griffin

It’s bad enough that her life is filled with flashbacks and painful reminders of things in the past, courtesy of her dullard husband, but she’s also got a sentient dog who loves her more than life itself and a hyper-intelligent toddler who is constantly plotting her demise. Raising two teenagers just ices the cake, and Lois is right there in the middle of it all.


Wilma FlintstoneWilma Flintstone

Not only was Wilma the original cartoon mom everyone loved, she has that classic beauty that has withstood the test of time. You think shuttling the kids to soccer is hard for you? Imagine doing that in a car you had to peddle yourself. With wheels made of stone. Wilma was in great shape, and offered unending support to her husband and kids.


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