Artist in Residence: ENFU

If you scroll through the pages of Ken Taya’s book, ENFU: Cute Grit, you can’t help but notice the bold use of the color pink.  This is a strong juxtaposition to Taya’s day job as a Game Developer, with an impressive roster including Halo 3 and Scribblenauts.  Taya, who goes by ENFU, specializes in creating original characters that are known for fusing innocence with the grit of adulthood.


As his colleague and fellow artist for Halo, Paul Russel, describes, “[ENFU] has a wildly colorful, exuberant and extroverted projection of the world, turning what could in others’ hands, be a critique of globalization, a mudding of cultural waters, into an explosion of color and sound, a celebration of how cultures are enlivened by their commingling.”

This is best showcased in ENFU’s original artwork entitled Nihotown, which is a panoramic piece that combines iconic Japanese scenes with American pop culture references.  ENFU, who straddles Japanese, Japanese-American, and American identities, incorporated the cultural paradigm shifts he encountered into much of his earlier work.

ENFU Nihontown Print

Today, ENFU’s brand has grown into an extensive line including trucker hats, leggings, shirts, published book, and the new ENFU Stick-Chat app. Check it all out over at!

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